Free In App Purchases iOS 17 Download [2024 Version]

Do you ever feel like you’re spending too much money unlocking new features and bonuses in your favorite apps and games? As convenient as in-app purchases are, those small $0.99 upgrades sure add up over time.

Well, I’ve got great news for you – there’s a sneaky little hack called iAPCrazy that lets you score in-app purchases without paying a thing!

Free In App Purchases iOS 17

Free In App Purchases iOS 17

Keep reading and I’ll explain exactly how this iOS jailbreak tweak works to trick apps into giving you full access to premium content.

What is iAPCrazy?

iAPCrazy is a Cydia tweak that jailbroken iPhones and iPads can download to unlock in-app purchases for free. It exploits the payment systems used by apps and games to authorize purchases, essentially tricking them into thinking you already bought any premium upgrades.

This tweak gives you instant free access to features that normally require real money transactions within apps. We’re talking about ad-free experiences, bonus levels and weapons in games, pro editing tools in photography apps, and much more.

So in basic terms, iAPCrazy allows you to:

  • Unlock in-app purchases without entering any payment info
  • Access premium content and features for free
  • Avoid paying for subscriptions, gems, extra lives, ad removal, etc.
  • Fool apps into enabling purchases the app thinks you’ve already paid for
  • Toggle on and off for each app you want to enable free purchases on

The key thing to understand is that tools like Free In App Purchases iOS 17 intercept the traffic between an app and the payment system. This allows it to return fake purchase receipts, essentially tricking the app into unlocking premium content.

Key Features of iAPCrazy iOS Jailbreak Tweak

Here are some of the most useful features iAPCrazy brings to the table for free in-app unlocks:

  • One-Tap Toggling of Individual Apps

You can easily toggle free purchases on or off for each application right within iAPCrazy. This helps ensure you only enable the hack on apps you want.

  • No Need to Keep Spoofing Transactions

Once enabled for an app, the free in-app purchase hack persists. You shouldn’t have to keep manually spoofing every transaction.

  • Regular Updates for iOS Support

The iAPCrazy tweak sees frequent updates to ensure compatibility with the latest iOS versions as Apple releases firmware patches.

  • Extensive Database of Supported Applications

With hundreds of confirmed working apps and games, iAPCrazy likely supports most of the titles you’d want free purchase unlocks on.

  • Option to Restore Default Payment Rules

If you ever want to undo the tweak’s effects, simply toggling off iAPCrazy for an app restores any normal in-app payment requirements.

How Do Free In App Purchases iOS 17 Work?

The core functionality behind iAPCrazy is intercepting and spoofing communication between an app and payment authorization systems. Here’s a quick explanation of what’s happening behind the scenes when you score in-app purchases for free:

  • iAPCrazy detects when a premium feature or item is requested by the app and payment is awaiting processing.
  • It intercepts the valid purchase request before it reaches authentication systems.
  • iAPCrazy then generates and returns a fake receipt to the app indicating that the purchase was completed already.
  • With seemingly legitimate proof of payment, the app unlocks full access to the premium content as if you paid!

So in essence, iAPCrazy tricks targeted apps into thinking valid payments have gone through for all requested purchased items, even though no real money exchanged hands. This persistent spoofing is how you get permanent free access.

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing iAPCrazy iPA on iPhone:

Since you’ll need to modify some system files, only jailbroken iOS devices can install and run apps like iAPCrazy for free in-app purchases.

But if your iPhone is already jailbroken, here’s exactly how to get iAPCrazy up and running:


  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 11 up to 17.0
  • Jailbroken device with Cydia installed
  • WiFi connection

Installation Steps

  1. Launch the Cydia app on your home screen.
  2. Tap on the menu icon in the top left corner then select Sources
  3. Tap Edit > Add and enter the source:
  4. Once the new repo finishes updating, tap Search and lookup “iAPCrazy”.
  5. The latest version should appear. Tap on it and confirm the installation.
  6. If any dependency errors appear during installation, install AppSync Unified.
  7. When iAPCrazy finishes installing, respring your device.
  8. You can now open iAPCrazy and toggle on free purchases for apps!

And that’s all there is to it! With just those few quick steps you can start accessing tons of premium app content completely free.

Pro Tip: Make sure your device is updated to a confirmed compatible iOS version for proper iAPCrazy operation.

Activating iAPCrazy in Your Favorite Apps and Games

Once iAPCrazy runs on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad from Cydia, open up the app. You’ll see a nice list of apps that officially support free in-app purchase unlocks.

This table shows some of the many popular iOS apps and games confirmed to work with iAPCrazy:

Supported Games trees Supported Photo & Social Apps Other Tested Apps
Minecraft Facetune 2 HotSchedules
Clash of Clans Snapchat ++ Scanner Pro
Heads Up! Instagram ++ Ringtones for iPhone
My Talking Tom 2 TikTok God Infinite Flight Simulator
Traffic Racer and Traffic Rider Likee

To enable iAP unlocks, simply toggle the switch on for any app or game you want free purchases on. The tweak will then work quietly in the background to spoof purchase receipts when you try accessing paid content. It is that easy!

Note: iAPCrazy may not work properly on certain apps if the developers have implemented strict purchase validation. But it has had great success with the most popular free-to-play games.

Troubleshooting Free In-App Purchases iOS 17

In case you follow the jailbreak tweak installation process but still have issues unlocking in-app purchases for free, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Ensure your device is jailbroken by checking for a Cydia app on the home screen.
  • Re-add the iAPCrazy repository source then try reinstalling the latest version from Cydia.
  • Respond to your device after installing iAPCrazy or toggling settings.
  • Toggle the tweak off and back on for any problematic app.
  • Try downgrading your iOS firmware to a confirmed working version.
  • Check that AppSync Unified is installed if dependency issues appear.

Also, avoid keeping tons of in-app cracking tweaks installed as they can conflict with each other. Simply uninstall any unnecessary ones.

iAPCrazy Alternatives for iOS Users:

If you want to explore more ways to get free access to locked app content, Cydia is filled with tweaks similar to iAPCrazy including:

  • iAP Cracker: Uses receipt validation exploitation
  • iAPFree: Another all-purpose in-app buying unlock tool
  • LocaliAPStore: Spoofs in-app purchase tokens
  • Lucky Patcher (Android): App modding tool for patches and cracks

I’d test a few out as they can work better for certain applications. But iAPCrazy is the easiest all-in-one solution for games and common apps.

All Working iAPCrazy List of Supported App & Game 2023:

0-9 To A-F F To P P To Z
100 Floors Fishing ninja Pocket Potions
101 Games Flightradar24 Pro Pudding Monsters
4 Pics 1 Word Flow Free Pumpkins vs. Monsters
4 pics 1 word Fly Bird speed Punch Quest
Action Movie FX Fly Bird Star Puzzle Lot
Adobe Photoshop Express Football Kicks Pyramid Solitaire
Agent Dash Forty Fives Quell+
Airfighters pro rortos Frontline Command Quizkampen
Airport Scanner Fruit Ninja Ra One
Angry Birds Fruit ninja Rail Rush
Angry Birds Go! Fruit Ninja HD Rayman Run
Angry Birds Rio Galaxy on Fire 2 Real Racing 3
Angry Birds Space Gears & Guts Real Racing 3
Angry Birds Star Wars Gizmonauts Real Steel
Angry Birds(All of them lol) Goninja Rescue Safari
Angry Gran Gun Bros Retrica
Angry Piggy Hallowang Re-Volt Classic
Animal Escape Head soccer Rolling Coin
AstroWings Gold Flower Heads Up! Ruzzle
AstroWings Space War Highway Rider Shave Me!
Aviary Highway Rider Shooting Showdown
Babel Rising Hill Climb Racing Sing Perfect
Bad Nerd Hill climb racing Sky Burger
Bad Piggies HD Hungry Shark Evaluation Sky Force
Bad piggies HD iAssociate 2 Smash Hit
Bag it!free Ifreelencer Smurfs
Banana Kong Infinity Blade 1 Smurfs village
Batman Arkham Origins Infinity Blade 2 Solitaire
Bike baron Injustice Solomon’s Boneyard
Bike race Injustice: Gods Among Us Sonic Dash
Bike Race Pro Instaeffect Speed Test
BikeRace TFG Into the Dead SpongeBob
BirdMania IQ Mission Stair Dismount
Blade of Darkness Islash Subway Surfer
BLOOD & GLORY 1 Istunt 2- Insane Hills Subway surfurs
BLOOD & GLORY 2 Ivault Swift Revenge
Bloons Tower Defence 4 Jaws Revenge Swords Poker
Bloons Tower Defence 5 Jetpack Joyride Table Top Racing
Bonza Jetpack Joyride Talking Ben
Boom! Tanks Jurassic Park Builder Talking Billy
Break Bottels Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Talking Tom 2
Brutal Street Kingdom Rush Tap Tap Glee
Bubble shooter Kingdom Rush HD Tap Tap Muppets
Bubble Xplode KNIGHT GIRL Tap Tap Revenge 4
Burn The Ant Lane Splitter Tap Tap Revenge Tour
C.H.A.O.S Lep’s World Temple Run 1
C.H.A.O.S Tournament Letters from Nowhere Temple Run 2
Call of Mini: Double Shot Lili Temple Run 2
Call of Mini: Zombies Litely Temple Run: Oz
Campus Life Logos Quiz TETRIS (EA)
Cargo King Marvel Puzzle Quest Texas Poker
Castle Master 3D Mega Jump Text Free
Catwang Micromon The End App
Cinamatic Minion Rush The Sandbox
Clumsy Ninja Monopoly Hotels The Sims Freeplay
Coin Dozer Monster Shooter The Tribe
Colossatron Mortal Kombat X The Wolf Among Us
Cordy Mouse Maze Free TheEndApp (Game)
Cordy 2 My Folder Tiny Thief
Cordy sky My talking Tom Tiny Tower
Cover Orange NBA Jam Tiny Troopers
Cut the Rope 2 NFS Most Wanted Traffic Racer
Dead Trgger Ninja Rooftop Traffic Racer
Deer Hunter Challenge NinJump Trial Xtreme 3
Demon Sols Ninjump Dx Twigrow
Diner Das Ninjump Dx free Two Dots
Doodle God Nyan Cam Uber Racer
Doodle Jump OTTTD Vector
Doodle Jump : Spongebob Pac-Man Lite Vector Free
Doodle Jump: Christmas Paper Toss 2 Virtual Families 2
Dots Parking Frenzy 2 Walking Dead
Drag Rcing Piano Tiles Wipeout
Dragonvale Pic Art Wolfify
DragonVale Pickup Sticks WowLiked
Dream League Soccer Pimp Your Screen Zombie ace
F18 Carrier Landing Lite Pitfall Zombie Farm
FallDown Plague Inc Zombie Highway
Fieldrunners 2 Plants VS Zombies Zombie Killer Squad
Final Fantasy Dimensions Plumber Crack Zombie Run HD
Fireworks Pocket God Zombie tsunami
Battle Ground Mobile India ( BGMI ) Players Unknown Battle Ground Mobile ( PUBG Mobile )

Free In-App Purchases iOS 17 FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about safely using iAPCrazy and other purchase cracking tweaks:

  • Does iAPCrazy work without jailbreaking?

No, a jailbroken iPhone/iPad is required so you can install unsupported Cydia apps.

  • What iOS versions are supported?

Currently, iOS 11 up through the latest iOS 17 firmwares works once jailbroken.

  • Can I get banned for unlocking in-app purchases?

It’s unlikely, but possible if the developer detects tampering. Use moderately.

  • Is there an iAPCrazy version for Android devices?

Not iAPCrazy specifically, but similar tools like Freedom provide the same capabilities.

  • Does iAPCrazy permanently unlock purchases?

Yes, once enabled the purchases remain unlocked. You can always toggle it off later.

  • What about newer games like Fortnite and PUBG Mobile?

Games with robust server-side verification don’t work, unfortunately.

So in summary – iAPCrazy generally works well across thousands of apps, though isn’t flawless. Not every in-app purchase system can be exploited. But it remains one of the best Cydia sources for free unlocks.

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At the end of the day, directly hacking in-app purchases violates terms of service and should be done cautiously. But installing iAPCrazy on a jailbroken iPhone can certainly help you avoid tons of unnecessary fees if you want access to premium app features and content.

Just make sure to enable the tweak selectively only on supported apps you need extra unlocks for. Avoid going crazy and unlocking everything aimlessly.

And voila, that’s all you need to know about the coveted iAPCrazy Cydia tweak for free in-app purchases on iOS! Enjoy all those bonuses.

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