Google Wallet Launches in India: A Digital Vault for Your Essentials

Google has finally launched its much-awaited Google Wallet app in India. However, it’s not quite what users expected.

The app, which was rumored to bring contactless payments to the subcontinent, has arrived as a digital vault for storing cards, passes, and more.

Google Wallet Launches in India

Google Wallet Launches in India

Let’s dive into the details of this new app and how it differs from Google Pay.

Quick Notes:

  • Google Wallet is now available in India.
  • The app will coexist with Google Pay.
  • Google Wallet will not have the ability to make payments.
  • Google Pay will remain the default payment app in India.

Google Wallet in India: A Digital Vault

Google Wallet in India is not the same as its international version. Instead of being a payment platform, it serves as a digital vault for storing various cards and passes.

Users can add transit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, and more to the app for easy access.

However, the lack of payment functionality has left many users confused and disappointed.

Google Pay will continue to be the default payment app in India, while Google Wallet will simply be a storage space for digital assets.

What can you do with Google Wallet?

Despite not having payment features, Google Wallet still offers several useful functions:

  • Store transit cards, gift cards, and loyalty cards.
  • Access your cards and passes easily from one place.
  • Keep your digital assets safe and secure, even without internet access.
  • Add a Google Wallet shortcut to your lock screen for quick access.

How to use Google Wallet?

  1. Download the Google Wallet app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app and sign in with your Google account.
  3. Start adding your cards, passes, and other digital assets.
  4. Access your stored items whenever you need them, even without internet access.

Google Wallet vs Google Pay: What’s the difference?

In India, Google Wallet and Google Pay will coexist but serve different purposes.

Here’s a quick comparison:

Google Wallet Google Pay
Digital vault for storing cards and passes Payment platform for making transactions
Cannot make payments Default app for making payments in India
Stores transit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, etc. Handles P2P and P2M transactions

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The launch of Google Wallet in India has been met with mixed reactions.

While the app provides a convenient way to store and access digital assets, its lack of payment functionality has disappointed many users who were hoping for a comprehensive payment solution.

As Google Wallet and Google Pay continue to coexist in India, it remains to be seen how users will adapt to this new dual-app system.

For now, Google Wallet serves as a digital vault for your essentials, while Google Pay remains the go-to app for making payments.

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