Water Sort Puzzle Level 50: A Pro Gamer Solution

Hey there, puzzle lovers! Are you stuck on Water Sort Puzzle Level 50? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

This guide will walk you through the level, step by step, in easy-to-understand language.

Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, you’ll find this helpful. Let’s dive in and solve this colorful challenge together!

Water Sort Puzzle Level 50: A Step-by-Step Guide

Water Sort Puzzle Level 50

What is Water Sort Puzzle?

Before we jump into Level 50, let’s talk about the game itself. Water Sort Puzzle is a fun, brain-teasing game that’s taken the mobile world by storm.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s a game about sorting colored water into tubes
  • There are many levels, each more challenging than the last
  • The goal is to get each tube filled with just one color

Why People Love Water Sort Puzzle?

  • It’s easy to learn but hard to master
  • It’s a great way to kill time
  • It gives your brain a good workout
  • The colorful graphics are pleasing to the eye

Level 50: What You’re Up Against

Alright, let’s talk about Level 50. This level is a real head-scratcher! Here’s what you’re dealing with:

  • 11 tubes in total
  • 9 tubes with mixed colors
  • 2 empty tubes

Here’s a breakdown of the colors in each tube:

Tube Number Colors (from top to bottom)
Tube 1 Orange, Light Green, Purple, Grey
Tube 2 Pink, Pink, Pink, Red
Tube 3 Light Green, Purple, Light Green, Sky Blue
Tube 4 Grey, Orange, Sky Blue, Blue
Tube 5 Blue, Purple, Sky Blue, Grey
Tube 6 Pink, Lime, Sky Blue, Blue
Tube 7 Light Green, Purple, Red, Orange
Tube 8 Lime, Grey, Lime, Red
Tube 9 Lime, Orange, Blue, Red
Tube 10 Empty
Tube 11 Empty

Looks messy, right? Don’t worry, we’ll sort it out!

How to Beat Water Sort Level 50?

Now, let’s get down to business. Here’s a step-by-step guide to solving Level 50. Remember, take it slow and steady!

  1. Start with Pink
    • Move Pink from Tube 2 and Tube 6 to Tube 10
    • This clears up some space and starts our first single-color tube
  2. Work on Lime
    • Move Lime from Tube 8 to Tube 6
    • This groups some Lime together
  3. Handle Grey
    • Move Grey from Tube 4 to Tube 8
    • We’re starting to organize colors
  4. Orange Next
    • Move Orange from Tube 1 to Tube 4
    • This frees up space in Tube 1
  5. Light Green Time
    • Move Light Green from Tube 3 to Tube 1
    • Then move Light Green from Tubes 1 and 7 to Tube 11
    • We’ve now got all Light Green in one place
  6. Purple’s Turn
    • Move Purple from Tube 3 to Tube 1
    • Then move Purple from Tube 7 to Tube 1
    • Purple is coming together
  7. Red Alert
    • Move Red from Tube 2 to Tube 7
    • Then move Red from Tube 7 to Tube 3
    • Later, move Red from Tube 8 to Tube 3
    • Red is almost done!
  8. Lime Again
    • Move Lime from Tubes 6 and 9 to Tube 2
    • Move Lime from Tube 8 to Tube 2
    • Lime is now complete in Tube 2
  9. Sky Blue Moves
    • Move Sky Blue from Tube 3 to Tube 6
    • Then move Sky Blue from Tube 4 to Tube 6
    • Finally, move Sky Blue from Tubes 5 and 6 to Tube 1
    • Sky Blue is sorted!
  10. Orange Cleanup
    • Move Orange from Tubes 4 and 9 to Tube 7
    • Orange is done!
  11. Blue Gathering
    • Move Blue from Tube 9 to Tube 4
    • Move Blue from Tube 5 to Tube 4
    • Move Blue from Tube 6 to Tube 4
    • Blue is complete!
  12. Grey Finale
    • Move Grey from Tube 8 to Tube 9
    • Move Grey from Tube 1 to Tube 9
    • Move Grey from Tube 5 to Tube 9
    • Grey is sorted!
  13. Purple Perfection
    • Move Purple from Tubes 1 and 5 to Tube 8
    • Purple is finished!

And there you have it! All colors are sorted, and you’ve beaten Level 50!

Tips for Success

  • Take your time: There’s no rush, so think each move through
  • Look ahead: Try to plan a few moves in advance
  • Use empty tubes wisely: They’re great for temporary storage
  • Don’t get stuck: If you feel trapped, start over. It’s okay!

Common Questions about Water Sort Puzzle

Q: Is Water Sort Puzzle free?

A: The basic game is free, but there might be in-app purchases for extras.

Q: Can I play Water Sort Puzzle offline?

A: Yes, you can play most levels without an internet connection.

Q: How many levels are there in Water Sort Puzzle?

A: There are hundreds of levels, with more added regularly.

Q: Is there a time limit in Water Sort Puzzle?

A: No, you can take as long as you need to solve each puzzle.

Q: Can I undo moves in Water Sort Puzzle?

A: Yes, most versions of the game allow you to undo moves.


Congratulations! You now have all the tools you need to beat Water Sort Puzzle Level 50. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it right away. Keep trying, and soon you’ll be a Water Sort master!

The best part about puzzle games like this is how they challenge our brains.

They make us think in new ways and can even improve our problem-solving skills. So, not only are you having fun, but you’re also giving your mind a great workout.

Keep pushing through the levels, and before you know it, you’ll be tackling even tougher challenges.

Happy sorting, and may your tubes always be colorful!

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