HitMeal App Review 2024

Do you want to eat healthier and keep track of your calories but don’t know where to start? Trying to navigate the sea of health apps out there can feel overwhelming, especially when you just want something simple and easy to use.

That’s where HitMeal comes in. This calorie and food tracking app aims to make monitoring your nutrition effortless, with an intuitive interface and comprehensive food database.

HitMeal App Review 2024

HitMeal App Review

In this ultimate guide to a HitMeal app review, we’ll give you the full lowdown on its features, pricing, pros and cons, and what real users think.

Consider this your one-stop shop to determine if HitMeal is the ideal solution to help you achieve your health goals!

Overview Of The HitMeal Calorie & Food Tracker App:

HitMeal Calorie & Food Tracker App

Before we dive deeper, let’s start with an overview of what exactly the HitMeal app is at its core:

HitMeal is a calorie, macronutrient, and food logging app available for iOS and Android. Its main goal is to make tracking what you eat as easy as possible.

With its extensive food database of over 2 million items, you can simply search for or scan barcodes of what you’re eating to log it. HitMeal will then track your total daily calories, protein, carbs, and fats.

You can set custom calorie and macronutrient goals tailored to your own needs, whether you want to lose weight or build muscle. HitMeal also offers meal planning features, and recipe integration with apps like MyFitnessPal, and can sync your exercise data from apps like Apple Health.

The basic functionality is free to use, with premium subscription options unlocking additional features. Overall HitMeal aims to be your health buddy in one convenient app.

So in a nutshell, HitMeal helps you effortlessly:

  • Log foods via search or barcode scanning
  • Track calories and macros
  • Create custom calorie/macro goals
  • Plan and log meals
  • Integrate with other health apps
  • Monitor progress over time

Ready to explore what this intuitive calorie tracking app has to offer? Keep reading our in-depth review!

HitMeal App Review: Everything You Need To Know

HitMeal App

Here we’ll give you the full scoop on HitMeal’s key features and functionality:

  1. User-Friendly Interface:

Ease of use is at the core of what makes HitMeal such an appealing option for calorie tracking. Right from downloading and opening the app, you’re greeted with a clean, simple, yet modern interface.

The layout is intuitive and easy to navigate. On the homepage you’ll find:

  • ✓ Your total calories logged for the day
  • ✓ Breakdown of macros (protein/carbs/fat)
  • ✓ Top buttons to add food, access your diary, meal plans, and more
  • ✓ Recently logged foods

With just a few taps you can quickly add a meal – either searching the database or scanning a barcode. The process is smooth and seamless.

When viewing your food diary, your total calories and macros are displayed at the top, with your logged meals underneath. To edit or delete an item you simply swipe left. Everything is visual and requires minimal effort.

The team at HitMeal focused heavily on simplicity in their interface. As a result, navigating the app feels like second nature, even for complete beginners to food tracking.

  1. Tracking Your Food Intake:

Of course, the core purpose of HitMeal is food and calorie tracking. This is what sets it apart from other health apps – it makes logging what you eat incredibly simple.

Thanks to its extensive database of over 2 million food items, you can find practically anything. Just type in what you ate, indicate how much, and log it into your diary.

Don’t know exactly what was in a meal or product? No worries – HitMeal also lets you scan barcodes on packaged goods to automatically pull the info into your log.

Once logged, HitMeal accurately tracks your total calories, protein, carbs, and fat. You get a macro breakdown for every meal and snack, in addition to your daily totals.

If for some reason a food isn’t already in their database, you can also easily create your food. Just fill in the details including calories and macros per serving.

When it comes to food tracking and nutrition logging, HitMeal has all your needs covered in its user-friendly app!

  1. Meal Planning And Customization:

For those who want more structure around their diet, HitMeal offers helpful meal planning features.

You can create customized meal plans within the app itself by searching for foods to add, adjusting serving sizes, and inputting any additional details.

Once your meal plan is saved, you simply log each food to copy it over to your food diary seamlessly. This makes sticking to your plan effortless!

HitMeal also allows you to tailor your meal plans as needed over time. You can:

  • ➢ Swap substitute foods in or out
  • ➢ Change serving sizes to meet your current calorie needs
  • ➢ Update specifics or extra details about each meal
  • ➢ Filter meal plans by dietary specifications like vegetarian, vegan, low carb, and more

With the ability to craft and customize plans all within HitMeal, you have full control over your diet details!

  1. Progress Tracking:

Now to the good stuff – results! Monitoring your progress is vital on any health and fitness journey, and HitMeal offers helpful tools for just that.

With HitMeal you can easily track:

  • Weight changes over time
  • Daily calorie intake
  • Macronutrient breakdowns
  • Exercise and activity via syncing with apps like Apple Health

This allows you to pinpoint exactly how your diet and lifestyle habits impact your goals. You can spot what’s working and what may need adjustment.

Plus, as you get started with the app you can set custom calorie and macro targets tailored to your own nutrition needs. These act as your daily guidelines.

Maybe your goal is weight loss and so you need a calorie deficit – HitMeal has you covered. Or perhaps you want to gain muscle with higher protein – simple to set up!

Bottom line – HitMeal has all your tracking needs for seeing real results.

  1. Compatibility And Integration:

Convenience is key when monitoring your health. You want the ability to access food logs at any time, on any device. HitMeal delivers here.

You can use HitMeal to track your nutrition on both iOS and Android operating systems. That includes compatibility with:

  • 🔘 iPhone
  • 🔘 Android phones
  • 🔘 iPad
  • 🔘 iPod Touch

As long as your device runs on iOS 14+ or Android 6.0+, you can install and run HitMeal with ease.

Plus, HitMeal doesn’t live siloed in its app. It integrates directly with leading health and fitness trackers including:

  • ⭐️ Apple Health
  • ⭐️ Google Fit
  • ⭐️ Fitbit
  • ⭐️ MyFitnessPal
  • ⭐️ Lose It!

This allows you to conveniently sync profile details, exercise data, weight changes, and more across platforms – streamlining your health management.

With both device and app integration, HitMeal delivers flexibility and convenience when tracking your fitness journey.

  1. Pricing And Subscription Options:

HitMeal offers both a free and premium version with different features. Here’s an overview:

Free Version

The HitMeal free version includes:

  • ✅ Food database with 2+ million items
  • ✅ Barcode scanning
  • ✅ Basic calorie & macronutrient tracking
  • ✅ Food logging and diary
  • ✅ Meal planning capability
  • ✅ Sync with apps like Apple Health

For a zero-cost app, the HitMeal free version still packs an impressive punch! It contains the vital tracking tools most people need.

The main limitations are restrictions on:

  • ❌ Number of foods logged per day
  • ❌ Access to expert diet plans
  • ❌ Customization of certain features
  • ❌ Seeing ads periodically

But there’s certainly enough to get started tracking your diet!

Premium Subscription

For $9.99/month, $6.99/month annually or $39.99/year, you gain unlimited access with a HitMeal Premium subscription.

This includes everything for free plus:

  • ✔️ Unlimited food logging
  • ✔️ Custom diet & meal plans for your needs
  • ✔️ Enhanced nutrition analysis tools
  • ✔️ Access to hundreds of recipes
  • ✔️ Ads removed for uninterrupted experience
  • ✔️ Option to include meal reminders

For hardcore food trackers or those needing specific diet tailoring, Premium is worthwhile. But the basics are still available for free.

Overall HitMeal successfully covers options both for tight budgets and maximal customization! Check their latest prices for updated deals.

  1. Pros And Cons:

Let’s summarize the key highlights along with areas for improvement in HitMeal:

Pros 👍

  • ➕ Extremely user-friendly, visually intuitive interface
  • ➕ Huge database of 2+ million foods makes logging easy
  • ➕ Barcode scanning streamlines finding packaged items
  • ➕ Comprehensive nutrition tracking – calories, protein, carbs, fat
  • ➕ Meal planning, recipes, and targeting capabilities
  • ➕ Seamless integration with other health apps
  • ➕ Generous free version with core features
Cons 👎
  • ➖ Premium subscription is pricier than competitors
  • ➖ Some users report bugs in the interface
  • ➖ Restrictions in free version limit accessibility
  1. User Reviews And Ratings:

With real user reviews averaging 4.7/5 stars on both the App Store and Google Play Store, HitMeal scores big.

Here’s a sample of the praise it receives from actual app users:

App Store User Reviews

“I love how simple HitMeal makes tracking calories and macronutrients. Even as a total beginner, it was so easy to get the hang of logging meals. Their food database rocks!”

“The barcode scanner feature is genius! HitMeal lets me keep junk food in check even when I’m tempted by office treats.”

“HitMeal Premium is worth every penny! Custom diet plans based on my goals and unlimited tracking motivate me to stick to healthy habits.”

Google Play Store User Reviews

“I’ve tried just about every diet app and always lost motivation because food logging felt like a chore. With HitMeal it has become a daily habit that takes under 5 minutes!”

“Intuitive layout, extensive database, great integration with my Fitbit – HitMeal has all I need to stay on track. Oh, and their recipes are delicious!”

“Wish I could give it more than 5 stars! HitMeal breaks down nutrition in simple terms so I understand my protein vs carb intake now.”

Looking at the glowing user feedback full of 5-star ratings, HitMeal hits the mark when it comes to satisfying users’ wants and needs in a diet-tracking app!

HitMeal App Screenshots:

HitMeal App Screenshots

Final Verdict On HitMeal App Review

So, what’s the final call? Is HitMeal worth diving into and does it have what you need to hit your health goals?

In the pursuit of accessible nutrition tracking and seamless food logging, HitMeal delivers.

It shines through its incredibly intuitive, easy-to-use interface. No exaggeration – HitMeal makes calorie and macro tracking easier than ever.

Factor in a massive food database, extensive feature set, and budget-friendly pricing, and HitMeal assembles a compelling package.

While there is room for improvement when it comes to the costs of Premium and some tech issues, the depth of positive reviews speaks volumes. Real customers feel satisfied and motivated to stick with healthier nutrition habits thanks to HitMeal.

Ultimately if you’re seeking an effortless, user-friendly way to monitor your diet and progress to your goals, few apps can compete with HitMeal. It just works – plain and simple!

Ready to eat better while still enjoying every meal? Download HitMeal now and let technology simplify balanced eating!

Download HitMeal App

Get the HitMeal App free from the App Store below:

Or click here for the Android version available on Google Play Store!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still hungry for knowledge about HitMeal? Browse some common questions for deeper insights:

  • Q1: Is the HitMeal app worth it?

Absolutely! With its user-friendly design, robust food database, and a bevy of tracking tools, HitMeal delivers immense value – especially with a free version. Over 4.7/5 stars from thousands of users says it all. Unless you need the fullest customization or plan variety, the free version itself brings plenty to the table.

  • Q2: How does HitMeal app work?

In a nutshell, HitMeal makes tracking your food intake easy via search and barcode scanning. It then tracks total daily calories plus protein/carbs/fat once you log meals. You can set calorie and macro goals, create meal plans, integrate other health apps, and monitor your progress over time toward your fitness aims.

  • Q3: Is HitMeal suitable for dietary preferences like vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free?

Yes, HitMeal has filters that allow you to tailor meal plans and suggested foods to various dietary specifications. When customizing plans, you can select exclusions for ingredients like meat, dairy, wheat, and more to meet your needs.

  • Q4: Can HitMeal connect with my Fitbit, Apple Watch or other wearable device?

Integration is one of HitMeal’s strengths! It can directly sync with leading fitness wearables and apps like Fitbit, Apple Health, and Google Fit. This allows you to consolidate activity tracking (steps, exercise, weight, etc) alongside your food data for a single dashboard.

  • Q5: How does HitMeal Premium compare to the basic free version?

HitMeal Premium unlocks valuable upgrades like unlimited food logging, custom diet plans, hundreds of curated recipes, nutrition analysis tools, and an ad-free interface. However, the basics like food database access, tracking calories/protein/carbs/fat, and barcode scanning are still available free. Choose Premium if you want maximum personalization and meal variety.


In conclusion, this HitMeal app review covered everything about its calorie tracking and macro counting capabilities. We discussed:

  • ✔️ An overview of core features
  • ✔️ Details on HitMeal’s user-friendly design
  • ✔️ How food logging and nutrition tracking works
  • ✔️ Meal planning and progress monitoring functionality
  • ✔️ Integrations with other apps
  • ✔️ Available pricing and subscriptions
  • ✔️ Pros, cons, and real user reviews

Bottom line – with clever integration, an intuitive layout, and comprehensive tracking tools, HitMeal removes friction from monitoring your diet.

So if streamlining healthy eating and meeting your fitness goals tops your priority list, few apps parallel what HitMeal brings to the table!

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