Top 10 Instagram Reel Editing Apps in 2024

Instagram Reels have become one of the hottest ways to create fun and engaging video content. As we move into 2024, more and more content creators are utilizing Reels to grow their audience and get their videos seen.

Having a high-quality editing app is crucial for making visually appealing Reels that capture viewer attention. The app you choose can make or break your editing workflow and the quality of the final product.

Top 10 Instagram Reel Editing Apps in 2024

Instagram Reel Editing Apps

In this article, we will countdown the top 10 Reels editing apps for 2024 based on features, ease of use, and value offered:

1. Appy Pie’s AI Photo Editor

  • Key Features: AI-powered editing, automatic image correction, facial recognition and beautification, customizable filters and effects, easy-to-use interface
  • Pros: Intuitive AI edits photos quickly, professional quality final results, suitable for all skill levels
  • Cons: Limited to photo editing features, not many advanced video editing tools
  • Best For: Beginners looking to enhance Reels photos easily
  • Platforms: iOS, Android

Appy Pie’s AI Photo Editor stands out for its artificial intelligence capabilities that can automatically improve image quality with just a click. This makes photo enhancement a breeze, even without any editing experience. For Reels focused on visual impact, its beautification and customizable filter features help make stunning pictures. The easy interface also makes this a great starting point for novice creators before advancing to more complex editing.

Try Appy Pie’s AI Photo Editor

2. VidCrafty

  • Key Features: AI-driven editing suggestions, advanced editing tools, music and SFX library, easy interface
  • Pros: Editing auto-suggestions save time, huge media asset library, bonus stock video library
  • Cons: Many features require a subscription upgrade
  • Best For: Intermediate creators seeking production value
  • Platforms: iOS, Android

VidCrafty makes Reel editing efficient for social media content creators. Its Artificial Intelligence analyzes footage and recommends modifications based on editing principles. This makes it easy even for beginners to create professional-looking content. An extensive stock media collection allows dragging-and-dropping engaging backgrounds, overlays, and effects right onto the timeline. For brands or online personalities, VidCrafty is an invaluable production asset. While the free version offers enough for starter projects, heavy users will benefit from expansions via premium tiers.

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3. SparkleMotion

  • Key Features: Animated stickers and text, AR effects, drag-and-drop editing, templates
  • Pros Fun visual enhancements, very easy to learn and use, stylish templates for fast editing
  • Cons Mostly cosmetic features, advanced video editing options lacking
  • Best For Casual users and social media enthusiasts looking for quick editing
  • Platforms: iOS

SparkleMotion focuses on letting users easily glam up their Reels with eye-catching animations. Through drag-and-drop, vibrant text captions and stickers can be added to liven up footage. AR effects like digital lenses also integrate Easily spice up selfie videos or vlog clips without needing to master complex tools. SparkleMotion stands out for its sheer approachable usability from the first session. While the core utility emphasizes visual embellishments over nitty-gritty video editing, the simple phone-based interface will resonate with everyday social networkers who want more than just filters.

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4. EditPro X

  • Key Features: Multi-track editing, color correction, 4K support, professional-grade tools
  • Pros: Robust editing capabilities for experienced editors, color grading for cinematic visuals, exporting 4K content
  • Cons: Steep learning curve, costlier subscription pricing
  • Best For: Professional and aspiring video editors pursuing advanced techniques
  • Platforms: iOS

EditPro X caters to serious creators already well-versed in editing fundamentals. While in-depth features enable truly customized projects, novices may feel overwhelmed navigating panels and analyzers. Real pros will appreciate not just drone and slo-mo support, but full-scale tracking, keyframing, and color correction usually found in desktop programs like Premiere. Exporting masterpieces in stunning 4K resolution makes pieces stand out boldly on user feeds. For indie filmmakers and online influencer teams, the expense warrants worthwhile capability – including breakdown tools for dialing in exact clips. Learning curve aside, developing video experts will enjoy the deep-end EditPro X provides.

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5. HarmonyClip

  • Key Features: Auto-sync with music, rhythmic editing, user-friendly interface, quick editing
  • Pros: Effortless syncing to background music tracks, templates tailored for Reels content
  • Cons: Limited effects and text options compared to dedicated creative editors
  • Best For: Music lovers and audio-centric creators
  • Platforms: iOS, Android

Harmony Clip makes musical Reels intuitive through Smart Cut technology detecting beats in selected tracks. This allows automatically snapping together clips that transition rhythmically without tedious manual timing. Preloaded curves and movements further spice up footage to energize viewers. While lighter on certain creation aspects compared to leading counterparts, simplicity through purpose helps TikTok and Instagram content creators with audio emphasis produce flawless social content easily. Even unfamiliar users can achieve timed cuts and impressive sound-paired visuals right from their phones. For laying down dynamic beats and vibes over Reels, Harmony Clip delivers harmonized creativity.

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6. ReelMagic

  • Key Features: One-tap filters and effects, a wide range of effects, easy-to-use, stylized video creation
  • Pros: Huge variety of quality effects, very simple interface for fast edits, nice upgraded features model
  • Cons: Mostly filter/effect focused, limited timeline editing functions
  • Best For: Quickly leveling up video style and visual impact
  • Platforms: iOS

ReelMagic speeds up stylistic post-production so creators spend less time editing and more filming. Hundreds of filters, text/shape overlays and AR effects can refine Reels through easy browsing and single-tap application. Even stacking mixes helps craft a signature look. While ReelMagic won’t replace fully-featured editors, its sheer range of one-click improvements empowers beginners and experts alike. Upgrades let longtime users continually expand their creative arsenal. The straightforward interface also enables fast experimentation to discover an iconic style rather than wrestle with complex features. For social engagement goals, it distills enhancing videos to the simplest fun form.

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7. ClipCanvas

  • Key Features: Extensive template library, consistency in content creation, time-saving editing, variety of genres
  • Pros: Hundreds of excellent Reels templates for easy starting points, very fast to create polished content, templates have changeable elements
  • Cons: Importing own footage is sometimes less flexible compared to building fully custom
  • Best For: Maintaining steady content output and efficient creation
  • Platforms: iOS

ClipCanvas accelerates producing consistently eye-catching Reels by offering an ever-growing template library spanning genres and styles. Instead of starting from scratch each time, simply pick a foundation aligning to the desired tone like fashion, cooking or gaming intros. Customizable text and image slots then facilitate personalization while retaining professional structure. For brands and boutique creators planning out content calendars, this system delivers beautiful results day-to-day when inspiration occasionally falters. Fellow app Relay uses collaborative cloud editing to streamline team-based management while ClipCanvas focuses purely on simplifying standout templates. Choose this capable shortcut for planning and publishing engaging feeds promptly.

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8. MotionMixer

  • Key Features: Animation and motion graphics integration, creative visual effects, dynamic intros/emphasis
  • Pros: Attention-grabbing animated text/graphics, extensive media to incorporate professionally, excellent tutorials
  • Cons: Requires learning motion design principles, overwhelming for absolute beginners
  • Best For: Creating sleek animated content to stand out
  • Platforms: iOS

MotionMixer empowers next-level motion design inclusion catering specifically to short-form social posts. Users can rig graphics, characters and logos with intricate keyframed animation better than simplistic canned presets. Sophisticated movement like liquid flows, heat distortion or layered particle effects then make pieces pop. Hundreds of animated elements like shapes, brush strokes and tracking guides unlock complex path configuration. While MotionMixer won’t instantly imbue amateur recordings with Hollywood magic, patient creators aiming to incorporate mesmerizing motion can produce graphics-enhanced videos that viewers re-loop repeatedly. Treat it like a pocket After Effects for taking Reels not just to the next level, but upwards on a rocket.

Try MotionMixer

9. EchoEdit

  • Key Features: Advanced sound editing, enhanced audio tools, video/audio sync, high-quality audio options
  • Pros: Pro-tier audio editing workflow unheard of on mobile, crystal clear sound exports, useful audio analysis helpers
  • Cons: Mostly audio-focused, video editing options quite basic in comparison
  • Best For: Musicians and podcast creators needing best-in-class sound
  • Platforms: iOS

While great video now proves essential across social media, pristine audio still makes or breaks content for discerning ears everywhere. EchoEdit provides creators the necessary mobile sound design missing from typical apps geared towards visuals. Capabilities like precise volume keyframing between clips, waveform sound sync, and dynamic compression give recordings the polish of professional studio exports. Even niche features like channel-focused noise reduction perfect otherwise great footage plagued by unwanted background buzzing. For creators like musicians, podcasters, and cinema-inspired filmmakers prioritizing rich soundscapes, no other iOS option matches EchoEdit’s impressive repertoire of audio enhancements. Don’t let poor mobile mic quality sabotage Reels when this toolbox boldly provides desktop-worthy sound.

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10. LuminaCut

  • Key Features: Simple interface, efficient cutting and trimming, quick merging, clean editing approach
  • Pros: Smooth precise timeline trimming perfect for tight Reels edits, simple project start-to-finish workflow
  • Cons: Very basic compared to expansive creative suites, limited filter and text options
  • Best For: Quick editing and arranging clips cleanly
  • Platforms: iOS

LuminaCut keeps video manipulation straightforward for productions like Reels requiring concise sequences rather than complicated effects. The streamlined editor smoothly executes exact clip splitting, speed adjustments, and movements only possible on touch devices. Projects export conveniently to camera rolls for social posting or other apps for titling overlays. While limited regarding certain creation luxuries, fundamentals happen precisely and frustration-free. LuminaCut finally grants mobile creators the responsive cutting precision previously lacking on touch displays. Forget wrestling with imprecise dragging or jagged tapping when needing quality speed and pacing. For cleaning up great footage quickly while on the go, no other video editor feels as effortlessly native on phones as LuminaCut.

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Benefits of Editing Instagram Reels on Smartphones with Best Instagram Reel Editing Apps:

Editing Reels directly on iOS and Android devices using mobile apps provides unique advantages:

  • Convenience: Edit clips anywhere without needing a computer.
  • Creation Apps: Reel-focused creation options are not available on desktop platforms.
  • Intuitive Touch Interfaces: Touchscreen-based interfaces are ideal for quick editing.
  • Cloud Backup: Automatic backup to the cloud to prevent data loss.
  • Seamless Sharing: Instant export to Instagram from video roll for easy posting.

For these reasons, editing with a purpose-built Reels app enables creators to work smoothly from shoot to share completely on mobile.

Top 2 Picks from Our Editors

The two apps offering the best overall value across excellent features, usability, and affordability are VidCrafty and ClipCanvas:

  • VidCrafty is extremely powerful for enhancing footage using pro suggestions while still being easy to operate even for amateurs. The optional stock media additions make projects truly shine.
  • ClipCanvas solves consistency issues via customizable high-quality templates that repeatedly deliver gorgeous results. Great for teams and brands managing fixed content schedules.

Either option effortlessly steps up social video games through right-device specialized creation focusing squarely on short vertical content.

FAQs About Editing Instagram Reels:

  • 1. How do I make my Instagram Reels stand out?

Stand out with eye-catching edits like creative text animations, dynamic transitions between clips, music integration, and unique AR effects using a specialized Reels editing app.

  • 2. What apps do the top Instagrammers use to edit Reels?

Many top creators on Instagram depend on mobile apps like VidCrafty, SparkleMotion, or ClipCanvas to reliably achieve their signature editing style efficiently.

  • 3. Is there a free Reels app for Instagram?

Yes, many capable Reels editing apps like VidCrafty have free versions allowing basic editing, effects, and exporting that work great for starter social content.

  • 4. What video editing apps does Charli D’Amelio use?

As one of Instagram’s biggest stars, Charli D’Amelio creates signature Reels leveraging mobile apps enabling the syncopated edits and stylish filter presets she’s recognized for.

  • 5. How do I make my Reels go viral on Instagram?

Boosting views and driving viral sharing of Reels requires creativity in both filming interesting content and enhancing footage using apps providing impactful animations, bold text, and transitions.

  • 6. Can I edit full-length Instagram videos?

While ideal for brief 10-60 second Reels, certain mobile apps like LumaFusion, KineMaster, and Splice support editing longer-form Instagram video posts spanning multiple minutes instead.

  • 7. Which iPhone apps help edit Instagram photos?

Instagram’s built-in editing settings or the more advanced tool Afterlight provide great photo filtering, cropping adjustments, and touch-up capabilities tailored for static Instagram photo posts.

  • 8. Can I use iMovie for Instagram Reels?

Technically yes – iMovie handles very basic vertical video editing. But the effects and presets better optimized specifically for Reels give creators more value.

  • 9. What’s the best way to learn Reels mobile editing?

Start enjoying mastering a Reels-focused creation app through its onboard tutorials or seeking inspiring video lessons on YouTube to glean techniques from actual creators already pioneering effects styles.

  • 10. How much should I pay for an Instagram Reels editing app?

Quality starter Reels tools begin free, while unlimited access with maximum features in a few top apps generally runs between $5-10 monthly subscriptions – quite affordable to grow audiences.


Instagram Reels provide an exciting way for everyone from casual users to professional influencers to showcase creativity through short-form videos.

Selecting the right editing app tailored specifically to enhance vertical footage can make or break the engagement and viral potential of published content.

Optimizing edits using solutions like smart AI-assisted adjustments, animated text captions, music syncing, or multi-clip templating increases enjoyment in both creating and viewing Reels.

As Instagram continues evolving its algorithm in 2024 to further emphasize Reels, publishers lacking compelling features risk diminished visibility.

Hopefully, this breakdown of the top 10 Instagram Reel Editing Apps grants all creators the solutions perfect for mastering video content that captivates, inspires, and dazzles audiences this year and beyond!

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