uYouPlus IPA – Download uYou+ iOS 17 2024 Latest Version

YouTube is the most popular online video platform globally. However the official YouTube app for iOS lacks many essential features that users want, like ad-free viewing, background play, downloading videos, and more.

To unlock these premium benefits, you’d typically need a paid YouTube Premium subscription.

But what if we told you there’s now a way to get all these amazing YouTube features on your iPhone and iPad for free? Introducing the uYouPlus IPA – the latest modded YouTube client for iOS that offers everything good about Premium minus the cost!

uYouPlus IPA (also called uYou+) is a tweaked YouTube app for iOS exclusive to iPhone and iPad.

Packed with handy utilities ranging from download managers to sponsor blocking, it provides the ultimate ad-free YouTube experience on iOS with no money spent.

Developed by qnblackcat and based on the original uYou tweak, uYouPlus combines all the best elements of various iOS YouTube mods into one wholesome app. In 2024, it remains the #1 way to amplify your YouTube game on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak or payment.

uYouPlus IPA

uYouPlus IPA

So if you want the Vanced-like awesomeness of ad-free viewing, downloads, PiP, and other premium goods on your iOS device, get uYouPlus IPA now!

This guide will cover everything about uYou+ IPA – the features, installation, usage plus tips and tricks.

What Is uYouPlus IPA?

The official YouTube app for iPhones and iPads has many limitations. You cannot download videos or listen with the screen turned off unless you pay for YouTube Premium. There are also lots of annoying ads.

To solve this problem, a developer named qnblackcat made an application called uYouPlus. It is a tweaked or modded version of the YouTube app with extra features added.

uYouPlus is also known as uYou+. It lets you do almost everything that YouTube Premium offers, but completely free. For example, you can block all ads, play videos in the background, download shorts or long videos, and much more.

This is like Vanced or ReVanced, which are modded YouTube apps for Android phones. But uYouPlus IPA is specially made for iPhones and iPads running iOS or iPadOS.

So in simple words, uYouPlus unlocks all the best YouTube features on your iPhone or iPad without paying anything. It takes the regular YouTube app to the next level for a better watching experience.

App Details:

  • Name: uYou+
  • Developer: qnblackcat
  • Size: 106 MB
  • Version: 18.14.1
  • Based on: uYou v3.0
  • Last updated: November 07, 2023

Key Features of uYouPlus IPA

Here are some of the most useful features offered by the uYouPlus IPA:

  • Picture-in-Picture (PiP)

The PiP mode in uYouPlus miniaturizes the video into a small floating window so you can multitask. Keep watching the YouTube video at the corner while texting friends, browsing sites, or using other apps. Configure the video quality as per need.

  • No Ads

One of the biggest perks of uYouPlus is enjoying zero ads. Remove promotional interruptions from video streams, homepage banners, and search results – everywhere. Just pure uninterrupted content to stay focused.

  • Video Quality Control

uYouPlus gives granular control over video quality as per your internet speeds. Manually choose between 144p to high-quality 2160p 60fps videos based on what your network can support. Maintain buffer-free streaming always.

  • Download YouTube Shorts

The short-form viral videos on YouTube are super popular. With uYouPlus, save these shorts locally to your device storage. Build an offline collection of your favorite Shorts for entertaining communication-free viewing.

  • Custom Download Path

Determine exactly where your downloaded videos are stored. Neatly organize media files by creating custom destinations like Self-Help, Comedy, College Lectures, etc. Prevents clutter and awkward mix-ups!

  • Background Playback

Let your video continue playing even when you minimize the app or switch to something else on your iPhone/iPad. Great for listening to songs, podcasts, and more YouTube content while doing other mobile tasks simultaneously.

So in a nutshell, uYouPlus elevates your YouTube experience on iOS to the next level with its premium utilities. Next, let’s see how to install it.

Download uYouPlus IPA iOS 17 with TrollStore, Scarlet, AltStore

Download uYouPlus IPA

You can set up uYouPlus IPA on compatible iPhone and iPad models via the following free methods:

Install uYouPlus with TrollStore

TrollStore lets you install uYouPlus without jailbreak and refreshing apps. It supports iOS 14.0 to 15.6.


  1. Download and install TrollStore from Trollstore using Safari.
  2. Open TrollStore and go to the ‘Applications’ tab.
  3. Search and tap the uYouPlus IPA to install it.

It’s highly recommended due to its reliability and convenience.

Use Scarlet to Get uYouPlus

Scarlet is another hassle-free option to get uYouPlus IPA, supporting even iOS 16. Just install the Scarlet app and search uYouPlus within it to download the IPA file.


  1. Get Scarlet from scarlet.
  2. Open the app and find uYouPlus IPA. Tap ‘Install’.

Keep in mind Scarlet gets revoked frequently.

Employ AltStore + AltServer

You can also utilize AltStore to sideload uYouPlus IPA. But it requires a Windows/macOS computer and iTunes to work.


  1. Install AltSever on your computer and AltStore on your iPhone/iPad.
  2. Connect devices and refresh AltStore.
  3. Find and install uYouPlus IPA from within.

Don’t forget to refresh AltStore every 7 days.

So choose one method convenient to you and install the uYouPlus app for all modded YouTube goodness!

How To Install uYouPlus IPA for iPhone and iPad?

#1: Install uYouPlus IPA with AltStore


What is AltStore?

AltStore is an alternative app store for iOS that lets you sideload unofficial IPAs without jailbreak. However, it requires a Windows or Mac computer with iTunes to work.

Steps to install:

  1. Download and install AltServer on your computer from altstore.
  2. Also, get the AltStore app on your iPhone/iPad from the same link.
  3. Now connect both devices to the same WiFi network and launch AltServer.
  4. Open AltStore on iOS and tap on AltServer to refresh and activate sideloading.
  5. You can now install uYouPlus IPA and other unsigned apps using AltStore. Just search and tap to install.
  6. Remember to refresh AltStore every 7 days to resign apps.

Why choose AltStore?

AltStore is reliable and lets you sideload many IPs without revokes. But the need for a desktop companion makes it less convenient.

Use Scarlet App to Get uYouPlus

Scarlet App

Download Scarlet iPA File

What is Scarlet?

Scarlet is a sideloading app store similar to TrollStore but much easier to use. It works standalone without a computer.


  1. Get Scarlet from Scarlet on your iPhone/iPad.
  2. Launch the app and search for uYouPlus IPA.
  3. Tap on Install to begin downloading and installing it.

Why Scarlet?

Scarlet offers great convenience as it doesn’t need a PC. But app revokes are very common.

Employ TrollStore for uYouPlus IPA

TrollStore iPA

What is TrollStore?

TrollStore is arguably the best third-party app store allowing sideloading without restrictions of refresh or revokes.


  1. Go to download TrollStore page on your device.
  2. Open the TrollStore app and go to the Apps section.
  3. Search for uYouPlus IPA and tap Get to install it seamlessly.

Why TrollStore?

TrollStore is super convenient without any revokes or refreshing needs. It just works flawlessly for apps like uYouPlus.

So in summary, TrollStore is the recommended method for most users to install uYouPlus due to its reliability. But also consider AltStore or Scarlet based on your specific needs.

Top 5 uYouPlus IPA Alternatives for iOS 17

Here are some of the best uYouPlus alternatives you can try out:

App Name Description
uYou The original jailbreak tweak uYouPlus IPA is based on. Offers similar features like downloads, PiP, no ads, etc. But only works on jailbroken iPhones and iPads.
YouTube++ A classic iOS jailbreak hack for YouTube. Lets you play audio with screen off, import videos, and more. But missing some advanced features of uYouPlus.
Cercube A popular choice for downloading videos and PiP on stock iOS. However, uYouPlus offers a better overall experience with extra utilities.
YTUHD Great option to watch UHD and HDR videos on iOS. Also can download videos and remove ads. Lacks some advanced features of uYouPlus though.
iYoutube Decent basic video downloader and PiP capabilities for iOS. But mostly limited to saving YouTube videos offline.

So in summary, while the above YouTube tweaks are good, none can match up to the well-rounded premium experience offered by uYouPlus!

FAQs About uYouPlus IPA:

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about uYouPlus IPA:

  • Q. Does uYouPlus work on iOS 17?

Yes, uYouPlus IPA works flawlessly on iOS 17. The latest version 18.14.1 has full compatibility.

  • Q. Can I use it on iPhone models like iPhone 15 or upcoming iPhone 17?

Absolutely. As long as your iPhone runs iOS 14 or higher, uYouPlus will function properly.

  • Q. Does it support iPads?

Yes, you can install uYouPlus on iPad models running suitable iPadOS versions. It works across iPhones and iPads.

  • Q. Is the app free or paid?

uYouPlus is completely free to install and use with all benefits enabled. There are no hidden charges or premium plans.

  • Q. Will my account get banned?

There have been no account ban reports so far. But use safely at your discretion.

  • Q. Does it work in all countries?

Yes, uYouPlus has no country-specific restrictions. You can access your localized YouTube via the mod without issues.

  • Q. What makes it better than Cercube, Rocket, and similar tweaks?

uYouPlus combines the best utilities of the popular iOS YouTube tweaks into one app. So you get the most feature-full experience.

  • Q. Does it work with YouTube Music and YouTube Kids?

At present, uYouPlus only mods the main YouTube app. Support for other variants is expected in the future.

  • Q. How is it different from the Android YouTube Vanced?

uYouPlus IPA serves the same purpose as Vanced but is exclusive to iPhone and iPad devices running iOS/iPadOS.

  • Q. Will I still get YouTube notifications?

Yes, you’ll continue receiving all your YouTube notifications as normal even after installing uYouPlus.


To conclude, the uYouPlus IPA elevates the YouTube experience on iPhone and iPad with its array of premium features for free. From downloading videos to enjoying uninterrupted ad-free streaming, it has got you covered.

We discussed the core capabilities of uYouPlus IPA along with guides to set it up via TrollStore, AltStore, and Scarlet. We also looked at some decent alternatives. So go ahead and install uYouPlus now to make the most of YouTube on your iOS devices!

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