TrollStore (TrollHelper) for iOS 17 [Latest 2024 Guide]

TrollStore is a revolutionary new app that allows you to install unsigned IPAs on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 14 or higher, without needing to jailbreak.

In this ultimate guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about TrollStore, how it works, how to install it, and how to use it to sideload apps not available on the App Store.

TrollStore (TrollHelper) for iOS 17

TrollStore iPA

What is TrollStore?

TrollStore is an app developed by Riley Testut that takes advantage of an iOS vulnerability called “CoreTrust bypass” to allow sideloading of unsigned IPA app files.

Here are some key things to know about TrollStore:

  • It lets you install unsigned IPA app files on any iPhone or iPad running iOS 14 through 17 without needing to jailbreak. This includes ++ tweaked apps, emulators, and more.
  • It relies on the CoreTrust bypass discovered by developer Linus Henze to work around Apple’s code signing restrictions.
  • Apps installed via TrollStore do not get revoked after 7 days like with free development certificates. They remain permanently signed.
  • TrollStore does not require a computer. You can install it directly from your iPhone or iPad.
  • It works on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.
  • There’s an integrated OTA update mechanism so you can easily update TrollStore when new versions are released.

In short, TrollStore gives you many of the benefits of a jailbreak without needing to jailbreak your device. It provides an easy way to install apps Apple would never allow on the App Store.

TrollStore 2 IPA Installer

TrollStore has been updated to version 2, bringing support for iOS 15 through the latest iOS 17, along with many new features:

  • Support for iOS 15.5 – iOS 17.0: Thanks to new iOS vulnerabilities, TrollStore 2 extends support beyond iOS 15.4.1 to also work on iOS 15.5 through 17.0.
  • Install apps from URL: You can now enter a URL to directly install an IPA hosted online.
  • Temporarily register apps as “User”: This will disable an app but allow you to access its data and settings. Useful for troubleshooting.
  • Detailed app info: TrollStore 2 shows bundle ID, version, file size, and security details before installing an app.
  • Faster app speeds: Apps can now enable Just-in-Time (JIT) compilation for better performance.
  • Easier installation: The “Install TrollStore” option was added to simplify setting up the app itself on your device.
  • Uninstall apps from Home Screen: Apps installed via TrollStore can be deleted right from your Home Screen.
  • AirDrop .tipa files: You can now AirDrop .tipa files (renamed .ipa files) to your device and TrollStore will automatically install them.

With TrollStore 2, sideloading and permanently signing unsigned apps on iOS is easier and supports more devices than ever before.

TrollStore 2 for iOS 16 – iOS 17

TrollStore 2 brings support for iOS 16 through the current iOS 17 beta releases.

To install TrollStore on iOS 16 and higher, you will need to use a helper app called Bullfrog Assistant. This helper app exploits vulnerabilities in iOS to allow TrollStore installation.

Here is an overview of TrollStore 2 support on iOS 16 and 17:

  • Supported on iOS 16.0 through 16.6.1, and iOS 17.0 beta
  • Uses Bullfrog Assistant as the exploit app to install TrollStore
  • Requires enabling developer mode on iOS 16+ devices
  • No computer is required, install directly from your iPhone
  • Persistently sign and install unsigned IPAs with no revokes

The ability to install TrollStore on the latest iOS versions means you can permanently sideload and use unsigned apps, emulators, and tweaked applications even on an iPhone 14 running iOS 16.

How to Install TrollStore on iOS 17?

Here is a step-by-step guide to installing TrollStore 2 on iOS 17 (also works for iOS 16):

  • Step 1: Download Bullfrog Assistant

On your iPhone, go to TrollStore’s alternatives page and tap “Install Bullfrog Assistant” under iOS 17. This will install the helper app you need.

  • Step 2: Trust Developer Profile

Go to Settings > General > VPN & Device Management and trust the developer profile for Bullfrog Assistant.

  • Step 3: Open Bullfrog Assistant

Open the Bullfrog Assistant app from your Home Screen.

  • Step 4: Enable Developer Mode (iOS 16+ only)

On iOS 16 or later, you need to enable developer mode. Go to Settings > Privacy & Security and enable “Developer Mode”.

  • Step 5: Install TrollStore

Inside Bullfrog Assistant, tap “Install TrollStore”. This will install TrollStore on your device.

  • Step 6: Install ldid (optional)

Inside TrollStore’s settings, install ldid. This utility lets TrollStore install unsigned IPAs.

That’s it! TrollStore is now ready to use on your iOS device.

Installation on iOS 14.0 up to 15.5b4

TrollStore can be installed on iOS 14 through 15.5 beta 4 using a few different methods depending on your iPhone model and iOS version.

Fugu15 Method (A12-A15 devices)

On A12 and A15 devices like iPhone XR/XS and above, you can use the Fugu15 exploit to install TrollStore from iOS 14.0 up to 15.5b4.

This method allows installing TrollStore directly in Safari without a computer. Just go to TrollStore’s site and tap “Install TrollHelper for A12-A15” to get started.

Checkm8-based Method (A9-A11 devices)

On older A9 to A11 devices like iPhone 6S to iPhone X, you can use a Checkm8-based ramdisk method to install TrollStore on iOS 15.2 up to 15.5b4.

This advanced method requires a computer running Linux or macOS. It boots a ramdisk via Checkm8, allowing TrollStore installation.

Using Sideload IPA (all devices)

On any iPhone or iPad running iOS 14 to 15.5b4, you can sideload the TrollStore IPA using a signing service like Sideloadly. This will install the TrollStore app which you can then open to complete setup.

Installation on iOS 14 up to 15.5b4 for A12-A15

TrollStore can be installed directly on A12 and A15 devices running iOS 14 to 15.5b4 using the TrollHelperOTA app:

  • Works on devices like iPhone XR and newer.
  • Lets you install TrollStore without a computer.
  • Completely over-the-air TrollStore installation.

Here are the steps to use TrollHelperOTA for TrollStore installation:

  1. Visit TrollStore’s site and tap “Install TrollHelper for A12-A15”.
  2. Tap “Install” on the pop-up to download the TrollHelperOTA app.
  3. Open Settings and trust the TrollHelperOTA developer.
  4. Launch the TrollHelperOTA app from your Home Screen.
  5. Tap “Install TrollHelper” inside the app.
  6. TrollStore will be installed after restarting your device.

This simple over-the-air method makes installing TrollStore a breeze on supported iPhone models running iOS 14 through 15.5b4.

TrollHelper Installation on iOS

TrollHelper provides an easy way to install TrollStore on a jailbroken iOS 14 – 15 device.

Here’s how it works:

  • Adds the Havoc repository, which hosts the TrollHelper package
  • Install TrollHelper via the repository on your jailbroken device
  • Open the TrollHelper app and tap “Install TrollStore”
  • Can install via Cydia, Sileo, Zebra, etc. using Havoc repo

To install TrollHelper:

  1. Open Cydia and add the Havoc repo:
  2. Search for and install TrollHelper from Havoc repo
  3. Respring your device if prompted
  4. Open TrollHelper app and tap “Install TrollStore”
  5. Open the TrollStore app to complete the setup

This provides an easy way to get TrollStore set up on any jailbroken A9 to A11 iPhone running iOS 14 – 15.

How to Install TrollStore on iOS 14?

Here are the steps to install TrollStore on a non-jailbroken iOS 14 device (iPhone 6S up to iPhone X):


  • Must be A12 to A15 device like iPhone XR/XS or newer
  • Older models require jailbreak


  1. Visit the TrollStore site and tap “Install TrollHelper for A12-A15”
  2. Tap “Install” on the popup to download the TrollHelperOTA app
  3. Trust developer profile for TrollHelperOTA in Settings
  4. Open the TrollHelperOTA app and tap “Install TrollHelper”
  5. The device will restart and TrollStore will be installed
  6. Open the TrollStore app and tap “Install ldid” in Settings

And that’s all you need to get up and running with TrollStore on any iPhone running iOS 14 without a jailbreak required!

Add TrollHelper Repository

You can easily add the TrollHelper repository to Cydia, Sileo, Zebra, and other package managers with a single tap:

  • Cydia

To add the repo to Cydia, tap here.

  • Sileo

To add the repo to Sileo, tap here.

  • Installer

To add the repo to Installer, tap here.

  • Zebra

To add the repo to Zebra, tap here.

After adding the repo, you can install TrollHelper and use it to install TrollStore.

What’s New in TrollStore 2

TrollStore 2 brought many improvements and new features including:

  • Support for iOS 15.5 through iOS 17.
  • Install IPAs from a URL.
  • Uninstall TrollStore apps from the Home Screen.
  • Temporarily register apps as “User”.
  • Enable JIT compilation for faster speeds.
  • Show detailed app info before installing.
  • Automatically install .tipa (renamed .ipa) files sent via AirDrop.
  • Easier installation via the “Install TrollStore” button.
  • OTA update mechanism for updating TrollStore itself.

Download TrollStore 2 and TrollHelper

You can download the latest version of TrollStore and the TrollHelper tools from the official links below:

  • TrollStore 2 for iOS 17
  • Bullfrog Assistant (iOS 17 Install)
  • TrollHelperOTA (A12-A15 on iOS 14-15.5b4)
  • TrollHelper (Jailbroken A9-A11 iOS 14-15)

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about TrollStore:

  • Does TrollStore work on iPhone 14/Pro/Max on iOS 16?

Yes, TrollStore 2 fully supports iOS 16 and works on the latest iPhone 14 models. Use Bullfrog Assistant to install.

  • Do I need to jailbreak my iPhone to use TrollStore?

No, TrollStore does not require jailbreaking your iPhone, except on A9-A11 devices below iPhone X on iOS 14/15.

  • What apps can I install with TrollStore?

You can install any unsigned IPA file including tweaked apps, emulators, hacked games, and more.

Can TrollStore be revoked or affect my warranty?

No, TrollStore does not modify system files so cannot be detected or revoked. It does not affect your warranty.

  • Is TrollStore completely free to use?

Yes, TrollStore is 100% free and open source software. There are no ads, fees, or payments required.

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TrollStore provides an incredible new capability – sideloading and permanently signing apps on iOS devices from iOS 14 to 17 without needing a jailbreak.

It opens up many possibilities that were never before possible on stock iOS. You can install emulators, jailbreak-only tweaks, hacked games, and much more.

With new support across iOS 16 and 17, easy installation methods, and a simple app interface, TrollStore makes app sideloading easier than ever.

Give TrollStore a try to see the exciting world of iOS app freedom it can unlock!

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