Best Pokemon Card Scanner Apps to Check Prices 2024

With the popularity of Pokemon trading cards skyrocketing, having a good price checking app on your phone can be extremely valuable. A Pokemon card scanner app allows you to quickly check the prices and values of cards by simply scanning them.

This saves you time from having to manually search for each card.

This article will discuss the top 5 best Pokemon card scanner apps in 2024 based on features, accuracy, and ease of use.

We’ll overview what each app provides, its key capabilities like scanning and price data, and any downsides.

Best Pokemon Card Scanner Apps to Check Prices 2024

Best Pokemon Card Scanner Apps

Read on to find the perfect Pokemon card price checker app for your needs!

Best Pokemon Card Scanner Apps to Check Prices 2024

App Card Scanner Price Data From Supported Devices
TCGplayer Yes Android, iOS, iPadOS
PokeTCG Scanner – Dragon Shield Yes, CardMarket Android, iOS, iPadOS
TCG Hub – Card Collection Yes User Collections Android
PocketPrices – PocketMonsters No TrollandToad Android
TCG Price Check No Unknown Android

Top 5 Best Pokemon Card Price Apps 2024

Here is an overview of each of the top 5 Pokemon card price checker apps:

#1: TCGplayer

TCGplayer is an extremely full-featured app that ties directly into the popular marketplace. It enables the scanning of Pokemon, Yugioh, Magic The Gathering, and more trading cards with image recognition to instantly get prices.

Key Features:

  • Scan cards at a 45-degree angle with a contrasting background
  • Get prices from marketplace data
  • List cards for sale directly within the app
  • Support for sleeved cards, upside down, in binders
  • Filters like Mid, Direct Low, Market Price


  • App stability issues and random crashing reported
  • Occasional scan glitches during app updates

#2: PokeTCG Scanner – Dragon Shield

Created by a renowned sleeve brand, PokeTCG Scanner focuses specifically on Pokemon cards. It excels at managing personal collections and getting price data.

Key Features:

  • Price data from and CardMarket
  • Detailed collection tracking with folders
  • Track value over time with gain/loss tracking
  • Support for foreign language cards
  • Build and price-check decks


  • None major reported

#3: TCG Hub – Card Collection

TCG Hub is a free, ad-free app great for cataloging your collection. It lacks some advanced functions but perfectly handles scanning and getting prices.

Key Features:

  • Free, no ads or paywalls
  • Fast scanning to add to collections
  • Cloud sync across devices
  • Fairtrade analysis for card trades


  • No advanced collection features
  • Limited to cataloging personal collection

#4: PocketPrices – PocketMonsters

PocketPrices focuses specifically on using TrollandToad price data, which some users prefer over TCGplayer. Useful if you buy/sell often on TrollandToad.

Key Features:

  • TrollandToad pricing data
  • Total collection value tracking
  • Quantity tracking per card


  • No scanner
  • Limited features compared to apps with scanners

#5: TCG Price Check

A basic price checker that lets you view prices from various TCG sets and card versions. No scanner means manually searching for each card check.

Key Features:

  • Prices from an unspecified source
  • Toggle pricing for different card versions
  • Currency conversion support


  • No scanner
  • Reported bugs and issues
  • Least features


  • Q: What is the most accurate Pokemon card price checker app?

A: PokeTCG Scanner and TCGplayer provide high accuracy by using trusted price data sources like and CardMarket.

  • Q: Which app is best for scanning my collection for prices?

A: PokeTCG Scanner has the best overall scanning capabilities, support, and integration for maintaining personal collections.

  • Q: What apps let me build decks and price check them?

A: PokeTCG Scanner and TCG Hub both provide building decks from your collection and get total pricing.

  • Q: Is there a good free ad-free app just for scanning prices?

A: Yes, TCG Hub has no ads or paywalls and delivers excellent scanning with price checks.

  • Q: Can price check apps scan foreign language cards?

A: PokeTCG Scanner has support for scanning and getting prices for foreign cards it recognizes.

  • Q: Do any apps support buying/selling/trading cards?

A: TCGplayer has tight integration for selling cards through the TCGplayer marketplace. PokeTCG Scanner has trade and gain/loss tracking.

  • Q: What apps support iPhone or iPad?

Both TCGplayer and PokeTCG Scanner are available for both iOS and iPadOS mobile devices.

  • Q: Where do these apps get their pricing data from?

TCGplayer and PokeTCG Scanner use respected hobby shops and CardMarket. TrollandToad prices power PocketPrices.

  • Q: Can the scanner apps recognize cards in sleeves?

Yes, apps like PokeTCG Scanner do have the capability to scan cards in sleeves, though accuracy may vary case-by-case.

  • Q: What causes scanning issues in the apps?

For best accuracy, ensure appropriate lighting, card position, steady hands, and allow time for camera autofocus. Update apps if issues persist.

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Having an efficient Pokemon card scanner app enables both collectors and players to instantly check their card values. Apps like PokeTCG Scanner and TCGplayer offer robust scanning with trusted price data sources, the ability to catalog and track collections over time, deck building, and more.

Basic scanner apps like TCG Hub provide an ad and cost free option for simply building a searchable collection with prices. Niche apps like PocketPrices appeal to buyers/sellers on certain marketplaces.

With the tips, app overviews, and key feature comparisons above, finding the best Pokemon card price checker app for your specific needs is now easy.

Whether an avid collector, investor, or card game hobbyist, keeping these apps on hand saves a massive time in enjoying Pokemon TCG to its fullest.

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