Best Auto Clicker Apps for Android & iOS in 2024

Do you ever get tired of endlessly tapping and clicking on your phone screen? As our phones become more and more integral parts of our lives, the number of taps and clicks we make each day is increasing exponentially.

That’s why auto clicker apps have become so popular recently. Auto clicker apps allow you to automate and schedule clicks and taps at specified positions on your device’s screen.

This saves you time and effort, preventing unnecessary finger fatigue.

Best Auto Clicker Apps for Android & iOS in 2024

Best Auto Clicker Apps for Android & iOS

In this article, we review the top 15 best auto clicker apps for Android and iOS devices in 2024.

Whether you want to breeze through mobile games, need to repetitively access apps, or automate other tap-heavy tasks, these auto tapper apps have got you covered!

List of The 15 Best Auto Clicker Apps for Android & iOS

Here is a quick overview of the 15 best auto clicking apps we have reviewed:

Name Platform Standout Features
Auto Clicker – Automatic Tap Android Great design, no root required
Auto Clicker – Tapping iOS Menu bar controls, exception lists
Auto Clicker – Automatic Tap Android Single taps, multi-taps, auto-scroll
Click Assistant Android Intuitive gesture recording
Auto Clicker – Automatic Tapper, Easy Touch Android Emulate double clicks & long presses
Auto Clicker by NVQ Std Android Simple, multi-language
Auto Clicker with Macro – Clickmate Android Tasker and MacroDroid integration
QuickTouch – Automatic Clicker Android, iOS Single and multi-target modes
Auto Clicker Lite Android Light version, 20+ languages
Game Master Android, iOS Special targets navigation
Auto Clicker by MGGM Android Sequence saving, timer delays
Auto Clicker Master Android No root, background operation
Blue Point – Auto Clicker Android Location & duration customization
Automatic Tapping – Auto Clicker Android Record and playback clicks
Auto Clicker – Auto Tapper Android, iOS Page refresh, free & paid versions

Below we explore each of these top auto clicking apps in more detail:

#1: Auto Clicker – Automatic Tap

Auto Clicker – Automatic Tap is a popular Android auto clicking app with a clean and intuitive interface.

Key Features:

  • No root access required
  • Convenient control panel
  • Adjustable settings and options
  • Runs in background
  • Great design

This is a great choice if you want an Android auto clicker that ‘just works’ with no headaches. It’s one of the best designed options with performance to match.

#2: Auto Clicker – Tapping

Auto Clicker – Tapping stands out as one of the only decent auto tapper apps available on iOS.

It places easy-to-use controls right in your menu bar and lets you switch tapping on and off instantly.

Key Features:

  • Menu bar on/off controls
  • Set comfortable tap interval
  • Visual & audio tap feedback
  • Exception list to avoid unwanted clicks
  • Hotkey assignments

While options are more limited on iPhone, this app nails the basics. The exception list also really stands out as a clever feature.

#3: Auto Clicker – Automatic Tap

This Auto Clicker – Automatic Tap app helps automate clicks at specified positions on an Android device.

It supports handy features like:

  • Single tap
  • Multiple taps
  • Auto-scroll

You can set a desired frequency, duration, number of clicks, and more. Configurations can also be saved for reuse later.

A browser extension is also available to auto-scroll web pages. This makes the app great for blazing through articles or documentation.

#4: Click Assistant – Auto Clicker: Gesture Recorder

Click Assistant makes recording and setting up automated gestures extremely straightforward on Android devices.

Key Features:

  • Draw gestures to record
  • Set interval time
  • Configure cycle time
  • Choose cycles
  • Delay actions

With its well-designed interface too, this auto tap app focuses heavily on usability.

#5: Auto Clicker – Automatic Tapper, Easy Touch

Auto Clicker – Automatic Tapper, Easy Touch is another Android option that mimics screen touches.

Useful configuration options include:

  • Emulate double clicks
  • Long press emulation
  • Window boundary recognition
  • Location relative to windows

It’s a reliable auto clicking app with useful customizations for long presses and more accurate automated screen interactions.

#6: Auto Clicker by NVQ Std

Auto Clicker by NVQ Std stands out with its simplicity among the best Android auto clicker apps.

Key Features:

  • Very simple and straightforward
  • Multi-language support
  • Countless configuration options
  • Only one config activatable at once

It may take some learning to handle the basics here, but ultimately this delivers a no-fuss way to get an automated tapping setup.

#7: Auto Clicker with Macro – Clickmate

Auto Clicker with Macro – Clickmate is a top option if you want deeper Android device automation.

Why Choose This App:

  • Record screen interactions
  • Repeat actions automatically
  • Tasker and MacroDroid integration
  • No root required
  • Very precise clicks

The macro automation support makes this tool stand out from standard auto tappers.

#8: QuickTouch – Automatic Clicker

Available for both Android and iOS, QuickTouch is a robust auto clicking app.

Notable Features:

  • Record screen tap patterns
  • Increase/decrease speed
  • Single and multi-target modes
  • Plain but functional interface
  • Remove ads with the paid version

QuickTouch offers great cross-platform support and the manipulation of recorded click speeds makes it ideal for mobile gaming.

#9: Auto Clicker Lite

Auto Clicker Lite delivers an ad-free auto tapping experience in a small 3MB package.

Despite the size and “Lite” naming, you still get:

  • 20+ language options
  • No root required
  • Easy click point placement
  • Duration, cycles, limits configurations
  • Very small app size

It’s a top pick if you want a hassle-free Android auto tapper without dealing with ads or excess bloat.

#10: Game Master – Auto Clicker

Game Master stands out as one of the best auto clicker apps for mobile gaming on Android and iOS.

Why Gamers Like This App:

  • Record and replay tap sequences
  • Tap points navigation with targets
  • Duration and frequency settings
  • Show/hide touchpoints
  • Stable background functionality

With tailored features like visible navigation targets, this auto tapping tool gives you that extra edge when tackling mobile games.

#11: Auto Clicker by MGGM

Auto Clicker by MGGM is a great Android option with more advanced and complex auto tapper configurations.

Useful Features:

  • Add dynamic click points
  • Save click sequences
  • Preconfigured entries
  • The timer starts for delayed beginning
  • Duration-limited cycles

Power users who want more custom settings for auto-tap situations will appreciate what this app brings to the table.

#12: Auto Clicker Master – Automatic Tap

Auto Clicker Master stands out for its sheer reliability as an Android auto tapper.

Why It’s Reliable:

  • No root
  • Runs completely in the background
  • Number & interval configuration
  • Duration customization
  • Action sequencing

If you want an auto clicking app you can set and forget, with no worries about crashes or misclicks, this one is a top contender.

#13: Blue Point – Auto Clicker

Blue Point focuses on location and duration flexibility for Android auto tapping.

Location & Duration Features:

  • Screen position clicking
  • Touch duration choice
  • Repetition configuration
  • Frequency adjustments
  • Favorites saving of settings

For tapping automation that requires precision placements or more advanced duration settings, Blue Point has you covered.

#14: Automatic Tapping – Auto Clicker

Automatic Tapping stands out with its unique automatic recording and replaying of manual tap sequences on Android devices.

Key Recording Features:

  • Click recording mode
  • Tap playback
  • Duration and repetition configurations
  • History saving of sequences
  • One-tap mode switching

If easy content generation is your goal, letting this app capture and replicate your clicks takes the effort out of automation.

#15: Auto Clicker – Auto Tapper

Finally, Auto Clicker – Auto Tapper provides a capable way to handle page refreshes and site navigation automation on Android and iOS.

Useful for:

  • App and page tapping
  • Page refresh automation
  • Info updates automation
  • Click speed customization
  • Free and paid plans

Whether you want to auto-refresh pages or blaze through news feeds hands-free, this auto tapper has you covered.

Why Do People Use Auto Clicker Apps?

Auto clicker apps provide ways to eliminate repetitive tapping and clicking tasks. Instead of manually interacting with screens to enter data, play games, scroll sites, or access apps, auto tappers do the work for you.

Here are some of the most common uses for auto clicker apps:

  • Breeze through mobile games
  • Repetitively access apps
  • Auto-refresh sites
  • Automate data entry
  • Click through documents
  • Expand accessibility

For mobile gaming, auto clickers give your fingers a rest with automated tapping. They can also speed up farming and grinding.

App automation empowers you to set up sequences to access commonly used apps. Triggers can open apps, swipe through screens, and more.

Auto-refreshing sites, news feeds, and documents enable hands-free viewing of updated content.

For data entry tasks like surveys, auto clickers can be configured to select common responses.

People with disabilities benefit from automating frequent interactions that may be difficult for them.

Ultimately, you can customize an auto tapper to accelerate and enhance all sorts of manual, tap-driven tasks.

Editor’s Choice – Top 5 Best Auto Clicker Apps

All the auto clicking apps covered above are great for automating mobile taps and clicks. However, a few of them stand out as truly top-tier picks.

Here are our 5 editor’s choice selections for best auto clicker apps along with why we singled them out:

App Key Standout
Auto Clicker Master Reliable background automation
Clickmate Advanced macro support
Game Master Specialized gaming features
QuickTouch Cross-platform flexibility
Auto Clicker – Tapping Best iOS choice
  • Auto Clicker Master stands out for sheer reliability. Configuring automations and having them run precisely in the background without monitoring makes this our top fire-and-forget choice.
  • Clickmate beats out the competition with MacroDroid and Tasker app integration. This makes it easy to build advanced flows well beyond just automated tapping.
  • For tapping automation tailored to mobile gaming, Game Master has specialized features like on-screen navigation targets to give players an edge.
  • QuickTouch earned its place by providing the most cross-platform support across Android and iOS with advanced speed adjustment options.
  • Lastly, on iOS devices, options are limited but Auto Clicker – Tapping impresses by getting the basics done well. Exception lists also show attention to detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about auto tapper apps:

  • Do auto clicker apps work?

Yes, auto clicker apps use screen overlay permissions to reliably emulate taps and clicks on app screens. The best apps deliver precision automation.

Can auto clickers get you banned in games?

It depends on the game’s terms of service. Some prohibit automation. Auto clickers that evade anti-cheat detection carry a risk. Use reasonably and understand any bans are on you.

  • Is it OK to use an auto clicker?

Using an honest auto clicker to automate tedious tasks you’d otherwise do manually is typically fine. Be careful not to infringe on an app’s fair use policies and avoid attempts at dishonestly skewing outcomes.

  • Do auto tappers drain the battery?

Auto tapping doesn’t drain battery considerably more than standard use since the screen still has to be on for clicks to register. Running an auto clicker all day will consume more power but casual use impact is minor.

  • Can auto clickers cause damage?

Beyond potential app bans outlined above in games, occasional reasonable auto clicker use poses no real downsides or damage risks. Just avoid enabling configurations without vetting what exactly will be tapped or clicked first.

  • Is auto-tapping cheating?

Auto-tapping patterns a real user could replicate manually is fine. Employing prohibited automation methods specifically to cheat, hack or exploit typically violates fair play policies.

  • Can auto clickers wear out my screen?

It’s unlikely. Phones are made to withstand average tapping already. Unless maybe running an auto tapper 24/7, screens should handle limited auto clicking just fine.

  • Can an iPhone get a virus from auto clickers?

iPhones are generally very secure devices. An verified auto clicker from the official Apple App Store poses no real malware risk provided you only grant it expected tap automation permissions.

  • Will auto tapping drain my iPhone battery?

As with Android, yes increased use consumes more battery but occasional iPhone auto tapping automation results in minimal extra battery drain. Avoid all day tapping unattended.

  • Can auto tappers be used for iOS games?

Absolutely! Some iOS auto clickers like Auto Clicker – Tapping work great for mobile games. Just be aware of any anti-cheat detection that could get you banned. Reasonable use is fine.

More Apps for You:

Conclusion – Automate Clicks with the Best Auto Tapper Apps:

As you can see, auto clicker and tapper apps open up tremendous potential for automating tedious tapping tasks on Android and iOS devices.

The best auto clickers cover a wide range of features:

  • Repeated taps
  • Multi-touch gestures
  • Duration and frequency configuration
  • Scheduled start times
  • Records and playback

Match these capabilities to your needs:

  • Mobile gaming – Game Master
  • Reliable backgrounding – Auto Clicker Master
  • Macro power – Clickmate
  • Cross-platform – QuickTouch

So give your fingers a break. Let automation take the clicks while you focus on more important things! Install one of these top-rated auto tapper tools for next-level Android and iPhone productivity.

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